A couple of people have written guest posts for Graphic Design Blog – thanks Lauren and Bryan, and I would like to ask your input on some other ideas for guest authors please. I know guest authors could input different views and expertise to Graphic Design Blog, and even show what it is like to work as a designer in different countries.

What do you think of the idea of features called Freelancer Focus/Designer Spotlight, where any guest authors answer a series of questions about themselves and their work, how they got into design, why they went freelance etc? I will try and think of a series of questions, but if any of you have any suggestions I would love to hear them, just leave a comment with your suggestion or if you are too shy 😉 drop me an email on my contact page.

I am of course assuming anyone would be interested in writing guest posts 🙂 ?

Other ideas I had were to have guest author “design case studies” where you can talk about a design you have worked on, how you started, the creative process, your thoughts on the finished results, you can show a few pics too. I know when I show how I go from sketch to finished design they seem to be popular posts.

Other thoughts include guest tutorials, advice on freelancing, general design posts.

Any guest writer on Graphic Design Blog can include a link back to their site and may include a mini (bio) at the end of their post if they wish. Please contact me via the contact page if you would like to write for Graphic Design Blog.