I got a Wacom tablet – A5 Graphire about a year ago. I love the idea of being able to paint in Painter or ArtRage with the feel of a pencil or brush without the mess of real painting. I see online some amazing work done in these programs and yet when I try to control a Wacom tablet it just doesn’t work. I can paint reasonably in the traditional manner, but with a Wacom I don’t seem to be able to make the pen go where I want. If I set the pen to soft feel I like the fluidity but I make marks even when the pen doesn’t touch the surface, if I set the pen to firm control I don’t make marks when don’t want to, but the fluidity is lost.

Is it just a case of practice, do I have the wrong type of Wacom tablet? I would love to be able to design and illustrate with a Wacom but for not I will have to stick with a cumbersome mouse. I would love to hear any tips you have.