website images

I came across the which is a flash based site, that takes a few minutes to load but to me it looks great. It is features kind of qwirky simple cartoons, with a little character thats goes with you through the website. The navigation is totally different too – you click on a part of the menu and something happens to the character, he gets pulled up by a man on the rope, he gets kidnapped by two tribal men or other amazing things. For some reason it reminds me of the pink panther cartoon though I am not quite sure why.

In my opinion everything about the site looks fantastic and obviously a lot of creativity and time has been put into the site, but I couldn’t actually tell for a while what the company does. Are they a graphics company, or animation, or TV production or maybe all three. Maybe this is intentional, so as to not put any limitations on what they do, or to make the viewer think, but it made me think, how straight forward should a site be? Should you immediately be able to tell what a company does, or should the viewer be made to explore?