Tumbleweed Plugin Revives your old Blog Posts

tumbleweedIf you look in the sidebar of my blog you will see a new section called Tumbleweed. This is a neat little plugin I discovered reading Andy Beards Blog post I have a new pet. What this plugin does is shows your readers older posts they may have missed. This is ideal for relatively new blogs like mine which have early posts when reader numbers were lower. Read Andy Beards blog for more information or download the plugin from YackYack.com. There are currently a few issues with the plugin, so it may not work on all blogs

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  1. Posted April 29, 2007 at 4:02 pm | Permalink

    This is a good plugin for people who started new posts
    . this helped me to read your old posts too. Thanks for pointing this plugin

  2. Posted April 29, 2007 at 5:36 pm | Permalink

    Hey Tara

    Glad you like it, good to see it working on your blog :)

  3. Posted April 29, 2007 at 5:53 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the plugin Rob, working fine for me (fingers crossed) just given your plugin a digg.

  4. Posted April 30, 2007 at 1:39 pm | Permalink

    Hmmmm, interesting.

    I might put that to use on my blog too.

    Thanks Tara.

  5. Posted May 7, 2007 at 1:17 pm | Permalink

    nice plugin. think i’ll try this one out…


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