For a while now I have been using Firebug for Firefox, but I always wished I could get Safari Firebug too. I would switch to Firebug whenever I wanted to look at the CSS of a website which was always a bit of a pain. What I didn’t know was that all the time Safari had something very similar to Firebug built in I just needed to activate it.

In Safari go into your preferences and under the advanced tab you will see an option to click a check box for show develop menu in menu bar.

safari firebug alternative

Then when you are using safari go to the top menu which says develop and scroll down to web inspector.

safari web inspector

Just as with Firebug the web inspector panel will appear at the bottom of your Safari browser. Use the magnifying glass icon to select elements and view its HTML and CSS.

safari web inspector in use

If you still want to stick with firebug I have also just found out that Firebug Lite will work with Safari though I haven’t tried this out.