squido illustration

I stumbled on squidoo about six months ago but to be honest never really took to much notice of it. Squidoo is a platform where you share your experience of subjects you feel you have a good knowledge of and like I say I hadn’t really thought any more about it until I stumbled across a lens (post) by Gannon Beck – an illustrator called Learn to be an Illustrator. This post is fairly indepth and while the illustrator does not provide his own tutorials he splits his lens/post into sections which work you through the stages of improving your drawing skills via:

  • the first books you should read
  • Youtube videos explaining perspective
  • Drawing supplies
  • The next books to read
  • More drawing instruction – sketching and figure drawing

He then moves on to his recommendations for learning to paint and draw cartoons.

If you are looking at improving your drawing skills as a designer or illustrator, or a student just starting out this site may be worth a look.

While you are on the Squidoo try a few more graphic design related searches, I am surprised at the amount of information on there and think I may have dismissed the site too quickly.