A quick video of about Quirky

I came across quirky.com only recently while looking for resources for creatives and inventors for my new blog www.ideasuploaded.com

Quirky is a way of crowdsourcing product design ideas, to create products with input from the quirky community. You can either submit your ideas for a product for 10 dollars per submission (quick tip – google search quirky coupon for time limited free submission code) or contribute to other peoples ideas by naming products, suggesting features and improvements, creating logos. The product ideas are then voted on and the favourites begin product development by the quirky team and go intoner production where a certain number of units must be pre-sold before production can begin.

If your idea is chosen to go into production you lose your ip rights to the invention (which I don’t like) however your product is created, tested and marketed at no cost to yourself and you receive a commission on units sold. Other Quirky community contributors to the product will also receive a lesser commission.

What Quirky does is essentially take the huge costs and headaches out of getting a product to market. If you already have a patent on your idea quirky is probably not the way to go, but if you have an idea and don’t want to try and develop it yourself quirky could be worth a shot.

Here are my two submissions so far – please join and vote if you like them

The Frisbee ball toy idea
The Volcano game

The founder of Quirky, Ben Kaufman, talks about how and why he started Quirky.com

Have you submitted anything to Quirky, what do you think?