networking and freelance marketing

With the current financial situation, freelancers could either find themselves in demand as they are cheaper than larger companies or that their work shrinks as their clients continue to feel the squeeze. There may also be more freelancers around as people made redundant from full time work seek interim freelance jobs.

So how do you Market your freelance services?

I would love to find out (if you are up for sharing 🙂 )-

  • What has been successful for you?
  • Have you tried an unusual way to market your freelance design services?
  • Is Twitter your marketing friend?
  • Does Facebook feed you new clients?
  • Does blogging bring you new business

What difficulties have you found?

Leave a comment or why not drop me an email and share your story and I will feature you on this blog along of course with a link back to your website and show some of your work off too.

Advice from other Freelancers

A few years ago I ran a popular series called Freelancers Focus where freelance designers shared their experiences and advice on freelancing. It was a real insight into how different freelance designers ran their businesses and marketed their freelance services. You may recognise a few names from the range of freelancers that took part, including designer bloggers:


Of course since then there has been an increase in the number of online channels where you can market your freelance services and network with both peers and potential clients including Twitter, Linked In and the new kid on the block Google Plus.

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Ps. What do you think, should I start up the freelancers focus series again – any volunteers?