A Guest Post by Jeff Williams

It can be the worst feeling. You pour your creative soul into a presentation. You know the design is great. You meet with the client, and they immediately start picking at the design: “The logo needs to be bigger” “I don’t like green” “This isn’t what I want at all”

These situations are never easy. I always calmly explain to the client why I made certain decisions. I tell them that negative space can be a way to make something, like a logo, stand out more. Sometimes I show examples of other designs produced by large and successful companies. I try to alleviate their concerns and demonstrate why my design works. Does this always work? Unfortunately no, and sometimes I am forced to give in.

What are your thoughts on dealing with difficult clients?

I would love to hear some of the techniques that other designers use when faced with these kinds of situations.

JeffJeff Williams is a designer and illustrator in San Francisco, California, USA. He has worked as a graphic designer and senior graphic designer for the past 9 years creating advertising and marketing graphics. He loves to write and talk about design, advertising and art.
His online portfolio is at www.jefw.com

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