If a client asks me how much it will cost to artwork a brochure I have already styled, it’s not a problem. I know how quick I am at layout and artwork, and can take a pretty good guess at timing, and therefore cost, the only variable is the amends which I will usually cost out as an addition. So, what about when you are asked to design for example, an advert from scratch, coming up with both concepts and styles for the visuals? This is when I usually come up with a figure, then half it, because the client will think it is too much, then double it again as I am not sure how long it will take me.How long should it take to come up with a few good concepts?

On a good day and dependent on subject matter the first idea could pop into my head in ten minutes, but then there may be other days when the ideas are just not flowing. Sometimes I can brainstorm, cut up magazines, google words, search photolibraries but nothing clicks, and the best thing (deadline allowing) is to abandon the job, move on to another one and come back to it another day. You just can’t always be creative to order, making quoting a creative job extremely difficult.

I think sometimes clients don’t realise that creativity is not just a switch that you turn on whenever you want it to. I wish you could!

What do you think?