I am a firm believer in thinking and sketching first, before taking your design on to the computer, but am I any good at sketching… well that would be a no. I can sit and draw things that are in front of me, but when it comes to sketching for design purposes chances are no-one will understand those sketches but me. Most of the time this doesn’t matter, but I would love to be able to sketch well enough that I could sometimes present ideas quickly this way. I think it is a skill that all designers once had to have – in the days of drawing boards and magic markers, but mostly now that skill has been lost.

I came across a blog called idsketching recently that I personally think is going to be really big all about sketching which includes video tutorials which are great. I have watched a couple so far but will be watching more.

You can check one of the videos out below:

More videos are available here

Also check out the sister site by Spencer Nugent called Sketch a Day