stop sign
If any of you are like me you will have experienced this before, you sketch out ideas for a design project, you perhaps narrow it down to three of 4 potential designs at this stage and start working on the Mac. This is where the problems start. So you’ve picked your favourite sketch to start working up and it doesn’t work. You alter the type size and weight and change your colour palette but still it looks like a dogs dinner. This is the point the design should be abandoned, at least until you have worked up your other sketches on the computer.

I say this is the point where the design SHOULD BE ABANDONED but how often have you ignored this and carried on. I know I have this stubborn streak which says this design will look good, I liked the sketch, I WILL MAKE IT WORK. On very few occasions when I have pursued the idea further have I rarely been happy with the result. In the worst cases I have spent the best part of a day tweaking and tinkering on the one design and still not been happy with it.

I am now making a conscious effort to try and move on to the next idea if the first one is not working, I can always go back to it if there is time.

How do you decide that its time to call it a day with a design? Do you allocate a certain amount of time to each design and abandon one when its not working or have you got a stubborn streak where you have to make it work?