design for print gun
A few weeks ago we had a yellow pages delivered, it had been thrown over our fence and was on the drive. This yellow pages, unlike previous years didn’t even make it into the house instead I put it straight into the recycling bin thinking that anything I need to look up, I will do it online. The same goes for leaflets I receive in the mail that I have not requested, they just annoy me and go straight in the recycle bin.

What about books? I love books but my office already has a bookcase and 3 bowing book shelves and I am not sure it can hold anymore and I have to admit I am enticed by the idea of being able to have all my books on a single small e-reader or ipad.

Basically I am rejecting design for print, the industry I earn my living in. So what is the answer, will design for print still exist in ten years time? I can see that there is still a market for packaging design even if it starts to become more minimal with increasing environmental rules, and I am fortunate that currently a lot of may work is within package design. What about brochures will there still be a demand for printed brochures in a few years time, or will a brochure simply be emailed to your handheld reader device or phone?

So I think that in order to maintain a career of some sort myself and anyone heavily involved in design for print needs to increase their knowledge of other areas of design perhaps internet marketing, web and interface design, 3D and animation.

What are your thoughts – is there a future for design for print, what new areas are you going to move into, I’m up for a challenge, are you?