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Design Case StudiesDesign Case studies is a feature where graphic designers/illustrators are invited to show off a piece of work and talk us through their design process from initial ideas through to their final design.Jeremie Werner (pictured left) is featured this week and talks about one of his designs

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1. Your Name?
Jeremie Werner

2. Your Location (City and Country)?
Strasbourg, France

3. Your Website or Blog URL?
Website :
Blog :

4. Project Title?

5. What was the brief?
I was asked to participate to an exhibition called “Rock’n’rulz – A tribute to Rock’N’Roll”, and to illustrate the U2’s famous song “Sunday Bloody Sunday”.

6. What sort of research did you do?
I’ve read many articles about Ireland’s war, looking into newspaper’s archive and of course google.

7. How did you start? (eg. planning, brainstorming, sketching, moodboards etc)
First of all I listen to the track a few times, and read carefuly the lyrics. Then I’ve done some research on Ireland’s religion war. I tried to feel what this conflict might be for an irish teenager, and started the composition of my poster.

8. Where did your inspiration come from?
Of course, my inspiration came from the song. I thought this song was about an infinite war, that start over and over. No-one can get rid of this conflict, altough anybody wants. It’s like some permanent headache, something you have in your mind and won’t get out.

9. Where did you go from here? (talk through with client, work up visuals etc)
I tried to illustrate this problem : the division of one Ireland man into two opposite feelings : the presence of war, and the wish of revolution, of stopping the conflict.

10. How did you present the concepts? What sort of feed back did you get from the client?
The red stars symbolize the revolution. It’s formed by some blood, telling that each revolution make civil dead. The center of the poster show a man with his face hidden, so anybody can identify to this suffering man. He is anonymous and represents every people of Ireland. On top right is the representation of the headache : war symbolized by tank/planes and splatters, and freedom by birds.

In order to link the poster to the song, I use some typographic work displaying the lyrics. It’s part of the headache : keywords repeats more and more, as the war get’s murderer.

11. Where did the design project go from here?
*To the exhibition 🙂

12. What are your thoughts on the final design are you pleased with the outcome/anything you would like to change?
It’s one of the design I like the best. I think I wouldn’t change anything

Any designer or illustrator can take part in Design Case Studies. Ideally I would like to be able to show the designer’s initial sketches and concepts if these are available.