I was contacted recently by a graphic design blog reader David Beastall fromΒ www.davidbeastall.co.ukΒ who told me that although he liked my blog, why didn’t I have a favicon? He pointed out that it would be useful as he currently had my site bookmarked but there was no icon to make that bookmark easily recognisable. This is what he showed me

no favicon icon

I have to admit I didn’t actually know how to make a Favicon (oh the shame πŸ˜‰ ) So after a bit of googling I found a free bit of software for the mac called icomaker which let you easily make one.

Create your icon – for a URL favicon it should be 16px x 16px, you can do this in something like photoshop, gimp (free downloadable photo manipulation software) or picnikΒ (free online image editing software).

design and upload favicon

You then open up the icomaker software and click on the size and type of image you are using then go to include image.

After this just save as “favicon” and it will save it as an “.ico” Β (the thing you need to make the URL icon). You then can upload the favicon.ico your sites root directory.

To upload it for a WordPress site you can find full instructions here