Easy Search for Free Photographs and Vector Files

free photos and vector images

I received an email a few days ago alerting me to an image search engine for free to use photos. It’s called Freepik and you can check it out at www.freepik.com. Obviously if you are going to use the images for commercial purposes you might want to do a quick upload to Google Image Search just to double check no-one has uploaded images someone else has rights to. There seems to be a good selecttion of images to choose from, so well worth a look especially for bloggers wanting free pics for posts.

Themedreamer a Dreamweaver WordPress Extension

themedreamer a Dreameweaver WordPress extension

A little while a go I read about an extension which could be useful if you know how to use dreamweaver and want to use it to adapt wordpress templates. The extension is called Themedreamer and allows you to open wordpress templates from within Dreamweaver by temporarily replacing the dynamic content with text. You don’t even need to set up a local server according to the feature list.

ThemeDreamer is an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver that can accelerate WordPress theme and application development by providing WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) feedback within Dreamweaver’s Design View editor in real time. Simply put, you do not need to mess with a server or even have to upload your files to see the vast majority of CSS and WordPress Template layout changes. Alterations are immediately reflected within Dreamweaver’s Design View.

You can watch a few videos to see how the extension works.
There is a free trial you can download which gives you 15 days trial use. I downloaded it to try out, then got busy and didn’t get chance to try it properly, so I think I will purchase it soon (only $29.95) and give it a proper try out. If anyone else has tried it I would love to hear how you get on.

Free Fonts for Personal Use – What About Commercial Use?

There are loads of free fonts out there, I sometimes use them in my work especially for headings though generally steer clear of them for body copy as they don’t always have a full character set or kern very well. Dafont is one of my favourite free font sites.

free designer fonts

I was looking at Smashing magazine’s article on their free fonts of the month and really like one of the fonts which is available for personal use only. While I appreciate that these fonts have been made for free, I have come across the license “for personal use only” when I was looking for fonts before and have always wondered why they didn’t offer (or openly offer) a paid commercial use. I would be happy to pay a few pounds to use some of these fonts commercially if I wanted them for a job.

What are your thoughts on this?

New CSS Reference for Web Design at Sitepoint

If any of you are like me and just starting to try and get your head around CSS there are a lot of online resources out there. A new resource I have just become aware of is Sitepoint’s CSS reference for web designers which goes through all the basics and not so basics of CSS. Sitepoint has some fantastic information on its site, a great forum and excellent books to purchase so I am sure the CSS reference will be of great quality too. You can find the CSS reference at www.reference.sitepoint.com/css

Image Manipulation in Firefox


I was recently reading Vivien’s blog over at inspiration bit where she was reviewing a cool firefox add-on which allows you to manipulate images in firefox. The Firefox add-on application is called Picnik Tools and is available for Mac and PC. I downloaded it for my Mac to try it out and it is like a mini cut down version of photoshop right in your browser, ideal for people who don’t require a full blown image editor. Once you have downloaded Picnik you can access it via tools in Firefox and then import a photo to edit. Editing options include: crop, resize, exposure, colours, sharpen, red eye. I would imagine it would be pretty slow work trying to edit high resolution images but idea of images for the web. You can also edit images directly from various photo sharing sites including Flickr.

Take a look at Vivien’s blog post which has a more in depth review for more information.

Typographic Inspiration

I don’t know about you, but the classic thing I do when looking for typographic inspiration is to flick through a few magazines, design books or the web. Try taking a look at the typographic group on Flickr I really like what has been done. There are entries as you would expect showing pages of brochures and literature, but there are also more REAL WORLD examples you perhaps wouldn’t normally use as inspiration – street signs, posters partially pealed off walls etc.

Keeping a digital camera and snapping anything which could be useful for design inspiration is something I really ought to do – how about you?