Poster Design Competition with Big Prizes

I thought some of you may be interested to hear of a poster design competition with several prizes including a first prize of USD $10,000.

The Taiwan International Poster Design Award 2007
The China Productivity Center has announced “Humanitarian Concern” as the special theme for the third Taiwan International Poster Design Award 2007. The deadline for entries is 31st August. Full details can be found at

Graphic Design Bloopers Competition Results

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Graphic Design Bloopers Competition.

The entries were as follows.

Steve at
medal Nearly 2000 Shamrock Marathon finishers (me included) are now the proud owners of a one of a kind race medal. The not so deliberate mistake is the missing “I” in Virginia. Yes, that’s right, the Shamrock Marathon was held this weekend in Virginia Beach, VA, not Virgina Beach, VA…..
Race Director Jerry Frostick was quick to take full responsibility. Shortly after the race he explained that he’d had proofs of the medals for three months which he’d checked and double checked but still didn’t notice the glaring mistake. In all fairness, it is actually quite hard to see if you don’t know it’s there.

Also from Steve
road I’ve noticed this painted road sign before, but always thought it was my mind playing tricks on me. I saw it again this morning and couldn’t resist taking a quick pic before someone realizes the mistakes and fixes it. The sign is at Janaf Shopping Center in Norfolk, VA, in between the soon to be closed Circuit City and Old Navy stores.

Santosh P at
I made a big mistake in my early days..
I made a design for a company in other city, with venue details on it.. and after few months a client (my college then) asked a design for a fest, I used the background which i used for the company, and it was all mock design. I was glad that they liked it in the first shot without any corrections. As they paid a good amount, I sent them the eps, and they got it printed on a huge flex.. and That huge printout projected venue details of the old company.. near the banner line.. I figured it out when I looked at the flex. I could do nothing, my friends figured out.. but had to bribe them with a party 😉

Look for the part of the background ”Manufactured and Packed by:” and another address below


Ahsan at
I found a blooper that I’m actually quite embarassed by, but figure that it’s better if I call it out rather than someone else!

The story:
About six months ago, while I was still in the employ of an agency and attended office daily, I got a call from my wife. She said that the partnership she was entering into with a local fashion designer had come through and she now needed a logo — by the evening, if possible!

I was in the middle of a ton of stuff, but figured that if I pushed this task, I’d get hell when I get home. So I thought about it for 10 minutes, had a sort-of-obvious idea, found a roundish font (Bauhaus) and went to work. My wife’s name is Batul and the fashion designer is named Umar. He’s more prominent, so I knew his name was going to come first. The symbol was going to be UB in lowercase letters — ub — followed by their respective first names.

15 more minutes editing the letter shapes and I was done with a B&W version. I sent her an SMS telling her it was done and to check her mail. She checked and messaged back — “Looks great. Thanks” . I got home and she told me she wanted it to be blue and green. This is what it ended up looking like.

The next day, she got someone in her office to create the bags, labels, tags, etc and the art was sent for printing.

That was that.

About a week later, I was at work where a visualiser and copywriter were asked to work independently of the rest of the department to come up with some concepts and layouts. I walked in the room to check on them and saw a full page ad printed in the Dubai newspaper, Khaleej Times.

I stopped in my tracks. I looked at the paper a little closer. I crapped my pants. I then caught my breath and moved on to find out how they were progressing with their task.

This is what I saw.

Lauren at
I got this Victoria’s Secret catalog in the mail the other day, and I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want to buy girly things from Victor! At first I thought someone just missed it (the model’s head hides the full name of Victoria’s), but then with a closer look, it seems they actually had the type overlaid on top the picture instead of putting a mask on the model’s head and having the type behind it. You can see this in the inset I created on the left, the “S” is actually on top of her hair. Usually the designers of this catalog put the title on top of the models’ heads, but maybe the picture didn’t give them enough room to move it down far enough to have the type not running across her forehead? But how hard would it have been to move her down and clone stamp the sky to make the picture bigger? The image doesn’t even follow the rule of thirds; her eyes should actually be about 1/3 the way down from the top anyway. The other inset is just a little thing, but with all the Photoshoping they do to these models, you would think they might remember to get the reflection out of her sunglasses! It doesn’t look obscene or anything, but it does look silly to see a bunch of people standing around on the beach watching the photo shoot.

Asgeir at
There was once a new headache pill to be released world wide, and it had this cartoon’ish advertisement.
The cartoon had three frames:
in the first one there’s a guy with a headache,
in the second one he takes the pill,
and in the third one he is happy and well.

The problem was, when the ad was published in Eastern countries, the message seemed a bit off.
They read from right to left. 🙂

Ann at
After a exhausting, stressful, yet relieving weekend, divya & I enjoyed a nice long pedicure. I usually opt for celebrity or fashion magazines in this sort of occasion, but decided to pick up i.d. magazine. it was a very interesting issue, covering things from designing for senior citizens to 6 designer’s take on the ideal setting for sex. I did however notice that my issue (maybe all) had some repeat text in their article about design schools and their catalogues. the two page spread had identical text on both sides, online you can read the whole story. where do things like this get missed?

The winner of the competition is Ahsan from Congratulations a $50 Amazon voucher is on its way.

Don’t forget to try the “Do Designers Think Alike Experiment” for 29th May if you have time.

Design Bloopers Competition

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Win a $50 (approx £25) Amazon Voucher by writing a 50-100 word blog post (see details below) on, either your biggest graphic design bloopers (mistake/s) or the biggest/funniest design mistakes you have seen.

Inspired by Aaron from post why proof reading is important I started thinking about graphic design mistakes. I did a google search expecting to find references to thousands, but nothing except articles like “10 web design mistakes to avoid”. So, did I search the wrong terms, or is nobody prepared to admit to their design mistakes?

Several years ago, when I was still an employee, I had to create a wordsearch in a company’s newsletter I had designed. The wordsearch contained words relating to their products. The only problem was I spelt one of the words wrong within the puzzle so no-one would ever be able to find it…ooops. The next issue of the newsletter they had a competition to spot the deliberate mistake in the previous issues word search (seriously!).

What about deliberate mistakes too? A photographer I sometimes use, was telling me, that when he was much younger he used to be a photographer for a catalogue company and had to photograph product shots all day. To ease his boredom, he and his fellow photographers used to moony into the reflection of shiny products. He said no-one ever noticed, but he and his colleagues would see their bottoms reflected throughout the catalogue. Needless to say, I avoid giving him shiny objects to photograph!

To enter just email along with your 50 – 500 words (describing it, where you found it etc, your name, URL ), if you have got an image of the design blooper to go with it that’s great too. It can be your own design mistake, a colleagues or something you have seen in a book or on the web.

Some suggestions include – 1. the worst typos or grammatical errors you have seen 2.logos which look like something else 3. photography which has been flipped so wording reads the wrong way or a flag becomes that of a different country 4. brochures with missing contact details or logo

The best entries will be posted on this site with your name and website URL, so don’t forget to include that with your entry. The winning entry, chosen by myself (unless anyone would like to volunteer as a guest judge?) will receive a $50 (approx £25) emailed voucher from Amazon. Closing date for entries 21st May 2007.

Like competitions?… Enter the competition to win a mascot at too!