Which come first cash or creativity?

If you are a freelancer like me you may end up pondering (oh I sound so Old School English) this question, I know I do.

Some of the most lucrative jobs, just aren’t necessarily the most creative ones. For instance I may be briefed to come up with some ad concepts and given a budget equivalent to one or two days of my time, yet I could spend the same time doing a mundane series of artworks that pays equivalent to my normal weeks pay.

So which should you tend towards?

I think it is important to try and maintain a balance, its great to be financially successful, but it shouldn’t be at the downfall of your creativity. Personal projects are always a great way to extend your creativity too.

Prior to becoming freelance I worked for a lot of different design agencies, but never stayed more than a few years at each, only once was this down to money, the other times is was because I didn’t feel I was being stretched creatively. I found much the same with many of the designers I worked with they always swapped jobs after a couple of years, not because of money, but for new creative challenges. When you have been with an agency, like an actor you can sometimes get “typecast”. You are XXXX the typography expert or XXXX the ad guru.

So what do you think, cash or creativity?