Its all gone completely mad over here but I guess that’s just what it means to be a freelancer. I have been designing brochures and folder options in record time, and then an urgent logo design followed too. I have stacks more work to follow too, I thought I’d just take a quick breather to write this while I am waiting for a logo to arrive by email. Do you remember David’s post does blogging interfere with your day job? I can truly say my day job is interfering with my blogging 🙂 .

Graphic Design Bloopers Competition
I haven’t forgotten, I will make a post soon with the graphic design bloopers competition entries and pick a winner, thanks to all who entered

The Design Experiment – Do Designers think Alike
If anyone has time, please have a go at the “do designers think alike experiment” – for May 29th (Tuesday next week).

Other Stuff
I am trying to redesign my blog in my spare time and have been having a dabble with CSS Edit, so will give it a quick review when I have experimented a bit more, but so far all I can say is Wow.

Your ideas and opinions
I have a list of articles to write, but if anyone else has suggestions for design related subjects they would like to read about, I would love to hear them. Just drop me a line on my contact page.

Guest Authors Welcome
I really enjoyed reading Lauren’s guest post, if anyone else would like to be a guest author, please get in touch on my contact page too. I would be especially interested in hearing from anyone who has moved from print to web (purely for selfish reasons 🙂 ) or from web to print, and the difficulties you experienced.

Better get going now and see if that logo has arrived yet…