freelance graphic designer1. A day in the life of a… freelance graphic designer

2. Your Name:  Liz

3. Company Name/University Name etc: design thoughts graphic design

4. Web Address:

5. City, Country  Cornwall, UK

6. How you Start the Day – As I am freelance I am at home working, but I start the day, by getting up, getting dressed, having breakfast

7. First jobs – Drink coffee, haha, but then actually switching the computer on, to check mail and respond to anything, and getting on with briefs of work to do.

8. The rest of your work day   I am lucky enough to live really close to the sea, so I do like to carry a note book with me, and jot down anything exciting or interesting, but the rest of the day includes, the checking of emails, and responding to any, taking a walk, but seemingly always thinking about design.

9. Evening – Taking a walk on the beach with the boyfriend, dog, or family, and taking my camera to take anything that interests me, that I can use as inspiration of my work..yay! Recently this has included having bbq’s on the beach.

10. What you love about your job /course – Meeting interesting people, lately I have becomed involved more in lifestyle sort of graphic design, which is great and the freedom and flexibility of meeting different people.  I love the fact I am my own boss, and can develop my work as a designer.

11. What you hate about your job /student life – Actually it is a love/hate relationship being freelance, as sometimes I never know when the next job will come in, so thats abit scary, so right now I am trying to promote myself wherever I can, and meet different people. So I guess its also not being part of a company, it can be a bit lonely at times also.

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