I was tagged a couple of weeks ago by both Paul of www.paulenderson.com and John of www.redsil.com/blog/ to take part in a meme “8 things you don’t know about me” so here goes…

1. When I was 6 I lived in Houston Texas For 2 Years
Before my Dad retired he used to work for Texas Instruments and was asked to go and work in Houston for 2 years, so I have experienced both the US and UK schooling systems.

2. I used all the 7 letters in Scrabble at once when I was 7
My biggest claim to fame πŸ˜‰ . My Mum is a big fan of word games so when I was a kid we used to play scrabble a lot (hate it now). When I was 7 or 8 I managed to use all 7 Scrabble letters at once.

3. I have a flying phobia
I haven’t flown for many years as I have a major flying phobia, the last time I flew I had to get drugs from the doctor to try and calm my nerves – they didn’t work too well but instead made me laugh uncontrollably for no reason. My phobia stemmed from a bad flight when I was a child, and since then I have hated it. My grandparents used to have to stay and look after me when my Mum and Dad went on holiday because I wouldn’t go on a plane. The terrible thing is I have made my partner Kevin nervous too and he used to be fine.


4. I painted on my first car
I bought my first car for the grand total of Β£260 back in about 1988 when I was at college. It was a rush bucket and a sickly orange colour. To try and cover up some of the rust I decided to paint Garfield on it (how embarrassing, what was I thinking. I used to get some funny looks when I drove it.

5. My boyfriend went to the same college at the same time but never met.
My boyfriend and I both went to the same college at the same time (he studied quantity surveying), and it was not a very big college. In the canteen there were massive long tables that everyone used to sit on, at some point in the 2 years we probably sat next to each other, but we didn’t meet until about a year after we left.

6. I used to design plastic watches
Not long after college my second job was for a firm that made plastic watches called Tikkers which were popular in Europe (similar but not as good as swatch). I had to create the graphics for the watches as well the literature. They used to use Jeff Banks as a consultant, who was big on “The Clothes Show” at the time, so we had a couple of meetings with him regarding colours and trends. They paid us inhouse designers peanuts but I bet his firm did very well out of it.

7. I tried and failed to learn to play the keyboard
For about 3 years I had keyboard lessons, but I was terrible, I sounded like one of those bad keyboard players you hear when you are on holiday. I just couldn’t learn how to read music and try and find the right keys at the right time. I know play guitar, not very well but better than the keyboard πŸ˜‰ .

8. I once tried to make some skis out of wood (as a kid)
I think I must have been a bit of a weird kid (heck I am probably a weird adult) because I always used to be in my Dad’s garage cutting up wood and trying to make things. When I was about ten I decided I would try and make some skis with two planks, I sawed points at the end and my neighbour helped me bend them with heat. I then attached the tops of some old roller skates without the wheels and made some ski poles out of two old broom sticks. If I had ever used them I would have probably broken my legs. The table tennis bats I made with pieces of wood and net out of a netted onion bag were far more successful πŸ™‚ .

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